King Porrus Falcairn

A slight, blonde-haired, boy, Porrus looks younger than his 17 years. He is timid and nonconfrontational.


Porrus Falcairn has recently wed a niece of the late Archking Druhan Songsteel.  It was an unexpected passing and the naval incident took Songsteel's heirs as well.  This has led the crown to fall to the niece and the seventeen year old Porrus.  The new king is a naive member of the minor noble house Falcairn.  He has relocated to Haven, but his rule is in its infancy and day to day operations of the kingdom are primarily managed by the chancellors and advisor that were in place under Archking Druhan.  Some of the elder Songsteel family members with less direct ties to Druhan, but more experience, feel that they should have a hand in the rule of Mythraem.

Many in Mythraem are not recognizing this new king, saying his low birth makes him unfit, or that he is too far removed from the Songsteel name to be worthy.  Some simply argue that it is too reckless to leave the stewardship of a realm to a boy with no elders to guide him.  Still others do not like the way the Faith has insinuated itself into the sitiuation.  Archbishop Elgars has taken the Falcairn King under his wing and Porrus now follows him like a duckling. 

Below is a list of challengers for the throne and of those who have declared their allegiance to the Falcairn King.  Any houses not mentioned have not yet made an official stance and may be assumed to be supportive of the current regime.  In the absence of violation of their oaths, these houses remain loyal, they just haven't done anything to outwardly support Porrus or to go above and beyond what is asked of them.

Widowcraft – strongest ally of King Falcairn
Markal – declared for King Falcairn out of loyalty and honor
   Arroway – as bannermen of Markal
Stonechild – since Falcairn is of Taleblood as well

– claims Falcairn is not legitimate and as Archduke, he is
   Elmceister – reluctant, but loyal bannermen to Ossharp
Wiardaugh – claims he is the son of Druhan's bastard
The Faith – The Archbishop is not technically ignoring Falcairn's legitimacy, but the crusades for holy signs of change and new leadership hint that his vision is of a new Faithful leader, not a secular one.

King Porrus Falcairn

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