Religion in Mythraem

There are various pagan religions in Mythraem as well as several lost religions. The more isolated or small a community is the likelier it is to practice one of these more primitive religiouns. In most civilized areas, though, the primary pantheon worshipped in Mythraem is that of the Four Faces of the Provider. The Provider is the creator God of the people of Mythraem. However they recognize four distinct elements of this God. Each of these faces is connected with a season. Aristaeus, or spring, is the Prince of Rebirth, Sommaren, summer, is the Lazy King, Lilicustus, or autumn, is the Wise Host of the Hoard, and Quemeer, winter, is Queen of Farewells. Most peasants worship or respect all of the faces while some major houses and organizations choose certain Faces to support over the others. They believe these faces are the true nature of the Provider and feel justified in marginalizing the other faces.

Although things may have been different in the past, the Faces have done little in recent centuries to prove their existence. Still, the faithful preach, worship, and maintain a powerful church. Clerics are known more now for their medical knowledge and their charity works than any divine magic.

The Church of the Faithful is the official religious organization of the Faithful. It’s seat is Ivory Rose Abbey in the lands governed by House Belmarion. Lord Galdain’s house is quite devout, tithing huge portions of its wealth to the churh as well as sending its best young men to the abbey for seminary. They often augment the church’s own armed forces with its own.

The Church is controlled by Archbishop Elgars. Elgars is a young man and has risen past many older more experienced bishops and officers of the church. Although this has created a few enemies, his righteousness and seemingly spotless soul have gained him massive popular support. He has taken King Porrus under his wing and has great influence in his day to day decision making as of late.

Church Hierarchy


Religion in Mythraem

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