Magic in Mythraem

Magic, like demihumans, undeniably exists in Mythraem. Like elves and dwarves, though, it has gone underground and is much more rare. Just as a typical peasant might never see a dwarf or elf, his life would most likely be free of magic as well.

Magic is an energy force in Elderun, like gravity, magnetism, or electromagnetic radiation. It has historically been used by both secular and religious organizations and there is no difference in its source.  Stories of other worlds suggest that Gods provide magic to their followers: this is not so in Mythaem.  Magic can be manipulated in two ways. First, some beings have the ability to directly manipulate this energy force. This ability is rare and mostly forgotten, skills that left with the elves, dwarves, ogres, and goblins.

Most humans were able to use magic in a second way: using relics. Relicene magic, as it is known, is magic that is drawn from relics of an age in which magic was more free flowing. Rather than directly manipulating the force of magic, they must have a conduit or "battery" that focuses it. The few men to master this have done so through lengthy, intense study of alchemical processes. When this is done it expends the magic in the various relics in a fashion based on the scale of the magic done.

Relics are more and more rare, and they are categorized in various classes according to their power and significance. Most magic users in Mythraem use this alchemical or relicene magic and the few that exist must live hermetical existences. None are known to be public figures, titled aristocrats, or even famous loners.  Magic is looked upon with superstition so most of it would be done in secrecy and only when well funded and protected.

Common folk tend to believe in magic strongly.  Their common belief that the Provider or other pagan spirits have control of their day to day experiences fuels this.  A crop failing or relative dying of disease are common examples of things believed to be caused by magic or spirits.  Still, very few incidents of "magic" don't have clear scientific, mundane explanations.  It is because of this that any real magic witnessed by commoners would be life altering.

This brings us to the current "Awakening" of Elderun.  In recent months countless reports of magical occurences have flooded the audience chambers of nobles across Mythraem.  It seems that relics and artifacts of magical power are coming into the possesion of Mythraemites everywhere.

The prevailing theory is that The Pact of Pyth Tobrek has come to fruition and this ancient magical rite involving the resurrection of key demihuman leaders has also brought with it a reawakening of magic in the realm.  It almost seems like artifacts of a magical nature are "trying" to be found.  They are surfacing fields during plowing, peeking out from erroded river banks, appearing behind recently fallen copses of trees.  It is as though magic itself has a will.

Although the manipulation of magic has not yet become commonplace, nor is it likely to ever become so given the study that it entails, it seems to be possible now.  Scholars who have spent years studying ancient magical techniques and disciplines are finding that their rites and incantations, as of now done as an educational pursuit, are suddenly yielding magical results.  Rituals done to produce food are now producing food instead of sidelong looks.  Gesticulations that are intended to set things alight are now causing fire rather than stiffled laughter or derision.

This increase in magic seems to be correlated with an increase in spirituality in Mythraem as well.  The commonfolk who have witnessed anything overtly magical take these events as religious signs and have been flocking to the churches of the Provider in droves.  For more on religion in Mythraem, click here.

Magic in Mythraem

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