Cals Musings

It felt good to wet my blade today.  Those thugs that jumped us several days back finally got their comeuppance, and hopefully this Sauger character we captured will have some useful information.  I'm pretty sure I have ways of prying it out of him.  One of his boys cut me pretty good, and I'm not inclined to let such things slide.

Sometimes I wonder if these nobles have the stomach for what we might have to do to rescue this girl.  Connor rambles on about war and marching armies, but does he know what it's like to slit a man's throat in the dark, to watch the light fade from his eyes?  Killing in battle is easy, but I'm guessing we're gonna have to murder a few people long before a war ever begins.  I suppose the wetwork will likely fall to me.  No matter, I've done it before.  Connor seemed to want to render the whole room unconscious, without killing anyone.  Me, I'm not inclined to leave a room of enemies lying behind me, sleeping or not.  I agree that we shouldn't kill Sauger, yet, but I seriously doubt his lackeys know anything he doesn't.

I suppose I should go sharpen my blades, I think there's a "conversation" we need to have with Sauger…

Post-Sauger Pre-Connor's Sister Period

The interrogation of Sauger could have gone better, that man must have ice in his veins, because he didn't even blink when I cut one of his men's throat.  After some clever tounged speech by the nobles, Sauger gave us most of the information we were looking for, and we lit out for the North.

Prior to reaching the mountains that were almost to claim our lives, we stopped and spent an eve at a crowded inn.  While there, we couldn't help but notice the five Ossharp officers seated at the inn.  I mistook them for regular soldiers, and, in doing so, failed to realize the value of killing them on the spot when I overheard them talking of marching on Connor's ancestral home.  We even somehow managed to steal their room from them, arouse their ire, and still we did not engage them.  I think in the future we will have to kill all such rabble rousers, just to make sure.  My blade longs for blood, but no grumkin or snark has reared its head on our trail yet.

We're headed into the mountains now, to save Connor's sister and apparently to stop an apocalypse while we're at it.  Frankly, if it didn't require Connor's sister's (whose name I obviously do no know) death, I'd say let the apocalypse come. Maybe it would bring all these nobles out of their petty disputes and force them to spend some time considering the good of the realm.

After several tough days of travel, we're now half frozen to death.  It's only a miracle that we haven't lost a horse yet, and still, after all this, I don't feel like I've learned anything.  One would think these experiences would make me stronger as a person, but no, I still feel like the same old Cal.  It's almost as if some omnipotent force is preventing me from gaining anything from all these trials and tribulations we've overcome.  Oh well, no matter, best put that out of my mind for now, since I'm likely to be dead by the time we find Connor's sister anyhow if we have to spend too many more days in this weather… by the gods, I really wish we'd killed those officers, I think that experience would have made me into a slightly better person…

To any omnipotent powers who may read this – please do not punish poor Cal for his musings.  He can't control what he thinks….

The power!  The raw power!  I feel quicker and more charming already…

I wish I could say all went well with the rescue of Rowena, but there was a small "mishap" and we appear to have broken the world.  At least Rowena is relatively safe.

After discovering an ancient elven tomb, stealing the arm bone of an ancient elven king, and awakening an ancient elven god, we returned "triumphant" from the mountains of cold ass shit.  I also picked up a new blade which I have named Peacebreaker in honor of the peace we broke while finding it.  I saw some actual fairies on the ride back to safety, but Connor swears they were dragonflies.  I don't know what we did to the world, but it's a mess…

We now have also saved the small town of Edgecomb from a ratman and his allies.  Connor doesn't believe in this awakening of magic, but I think he's going to be hard pressed to deny it for much longer.  I still can't seem to get this armbone to do any magic, so I have sent a raven to the southern mages, to see if they would like to trade a more practical item to me in exchange for the arm.

We were almost killed by a massive misshapen bear.  The world appears to have gone completely to hell.  I can only imagine what is in store for us next…

Cals Musings

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