Lord Artur Stonechild

A gruff, broad man who makes no pretense of his dwarven bloodlines, wearing his beard and clothes in traditional dwarven fashions.


Lord Artur spends most of his time almost as isolated as the Gellantara's in his fortress in the Frostforge Mountains.  Though most of the realm doesn't seem to care, Artur does speak with the dwarves who have been pushed to the edges of civilization.  They have mountain strongholds and send envoys for trade or diplomacy to Artur from time to time.

Recently Artur has made a loud and strong declaration of loyalty to King Porrus, swearing a personal oath to Porrus on top of his oath of fealty to the Songsteel line of kings.  Most speculate this is because Porrus is graceborn and Artur is the realm's most blunt supporter of equal rights and treatment for the races of Mythraem.

Artur also has recently assisted Lord Avalaria in the excavation of the Sepulcher recently disturbed by the resurrection of the elven Lord Consul.  Rumors abound now that Artur's role may grow in shaping the realm if indeed a new dwarven Rim (king) has returned as well.  Perhaps Artur is in the camp of these dwarves already, though he has never broken an oath.

Lord Artur Stonechild

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