Lord Arlan Gellantara

A rakish scoundrel of a noble, Arlan's isolation has led him to display exhorbitant and wild idosynchrasies.


Arlan is the leader of the fat and lazy house Gellantara.  The isolation of his family's stronghold allows Arlan some security enjoyed by few of his peers.  He spends much time travelling and basking on the sunbaked patios of his many summer "cottages". 

His one real responsibility is to guard and protect the Seabridge.  The southern shores of Mythraem are largely dominated by sheer cliffs and underwater mountaints that make sea travel dangerous.  One massive bridge, built before man ever arrived in Mythraem connects Torridor to Mythraem and it is via this bridge than most trade between the two continents occurs.  Trade is not exactly brisk, but spices and raw materials do exchange hands from time to time.  And when they do, Gellantara is sure to have his hands in the deal.  He taxes those who travel the bridge and is usually brokers most intercontinental deals.

Recently the mainland has lost contact with Gellantara.  The Orpherii had to pass through his lands to reach the Ramsgate and it seems they somehow captured him while he was on a trip in Torridor.  Arlan managed to get a raven to Ramsgate to warn them, but there is no way of knowing his situation or whereabouts now.

Lord Arlan Gellantara

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