A group of nomadic barbarians from Torridor.


These mightsprung folk were pushed exiled from a city-state in Torridor after losing a war for control of it.  They have been finding survival in recent years hard to come by.  Recently they struck a deal with Rauford Kyrk to aid his bid for the throne of Mythraem.

 They surprisingly double-crossed him as soon as they had helped take the Ramsgate.  Kyrk had only given them partial payment and they are still desparate for resources.  Nonetheless they now assault the Ramsgate, hoping to dislodge Rauford and set up a city-state of their own in the mountains ranging across the Ramshorn Duchy and surrounding Weepinghound Glen.

 They wear hide armor and are large and robust in appearance, though they are not brutish in discourse as a rule.



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