Basul Calvagh


Basul grew up on a farm in the Broadcroft Manor area. He grew up with no father. His mother was fearsomely strict, stressing discipline above all else. She tolerated no dissent, and her children worked their land harder and longer than anyone else. The slightest error from Basul resulted in powerful lashes and deep welts. He learned to fear his mother’s wrath.

One day when Basul was still very young, he was playing down near the river. He heard the town warning bells ringing in the church before he saw the ship. Freehold pirates! Basul immediately went to ground, hiding as best he could. He was somehow left with a perfect view as events unfolded. An expensive wagon was stuck in the mud practically on the spot of the pirates’ likely landing. Out of the wagon jumped Lord Giles himself! His wife, tiny daughter, and an unknown knight followed quickly behind. They ran towards a narrow cave, and Basul could see no more until countless scurvy feet stampeded towards the darkness. The lone knight met them at the mouth of the cave, where Basul watched him hold back thirty or more men single handed. Basul heard the clash of battle for what seemed like hours, screams and clashing steel echoing out from the mouth. It felt like hours before the town militia finally arrived, providing the solitary knight with reinforcements. The pirates were defeated and executed.

Basul eventually learned that the heroic knight was none other than Sir Antonin, a Broadcroft native who frequented a local inn. Basul had even traded a few words with the kind man on occasion. Basul also learned that the pirates had not come upon Lord Giles coincidentally; their leader held some long grudge against the man. Had Sir Antonin not been able to hold them back, the pirates intended to murder the entire family.

When Sir Antonin the Savior passed a few days later, overcome by his numerous injuries, the town wept. From that day on, Basul the farmer dreamed of one day becoming Sir Basul, knight at arms.

During Basul’s fourteenth year, the entire family was forced to flee under the cover of night. His mother had been cheating her liege of his rightful due, and had been doing so for many, many years. When it became apparent that the lord was about to discover the theft, the family abandoned everything in order to avoid retribution.

Things went from bad to worse for Basul’s family. First, Basul’s two younger sisters died of a fever during the journey. Then, his mother managed to procure some land in Wiardough territory, but in doing so greatly angered a local family. That family sent word of their location back to Broadcroft, and Basul’s mother eventually met with the executioner’s axe. Basul joined a group of mercenaries fighting for the Wiardough militia. He was fifteen years old.

Basul served faithfully in many different companies and battalions, attempting to earn himself the honor of knighthood. He eventually grew into a formidable skirmisher, 210 pounds of solid muscle, and seemingly unbreakable. Basul more than held his own on the battlefield, surviving a number of bloody frays. However, he was never seen as more than a farmer, flailing wildly with his hammer and shield. Bludgeoning his foes to the ground, his style was effective, yet far from noble.

As the years passed, Basul grew tired of a soldier’s life, and eventually realized a knight he would never be. And so he decided to return to his home of Broadcroft and start a new life for himself. No one but his closest childhood friends remembered the boy who had left town nine years ago, and Basul did his best to keep it that way, reluctant to remember the disgrace his family had faced. If anyone inquired into his past, Basul would tell them that he came from Wiardough, where he was a farmer.

Basul took the gold he had earned over the years, and set himself up as a merchant. Not a particularly skilled or shrewd negotiator, Basul has nonetheless managed to make a living traveling the Broadcroft region, buying and selling goods. He has developed a reputation for extreme honesty and fairness, and thus attained regular customers. Basul’s faithful draft horse, Flora, pulls the covered wagon. She is unusually intelligent and loyal.

Basul has enjoyed his quiet life of the last four years. He frequently crosses paths with Willow the Carter, as there is some overlap in their work. They get along well, and he counts her as one of his friends in town, although he hates it when she calls him “Basul the Carter”.

Basul Calvagh

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