All Hail the King: Elderun Awakens

Chapter III

Once the party negotiates a sabotaged gate at Provider's Rest, they spend the next few days traveling through the wooded landscape following Sauger.  The wood is strange and the animals' behavior patterns are very unusual.  Something is clearly amiss in the world.

The party makes it to a popular travellers' destination town called Fourwell.  After looking around a bit for the leader of the band that confronted them at Provider's Rest, they end up at the Old Knot tavern to plan their next move.  Here they meet Heels, a retired member of the Gatesworn.  He informs them of some faux pas made by Connor's brother Morold and of an unfortunate accident that has befallen Caliborn.  Heels is well-connected and soon turns up some information on Sauger, the man the party is looking for.

Soon they find Sauger's hideout.  Cal develops a plot to get in using deception, but it meets with no success.  Nonetheless, the warriors soon flush Sauger out and interrogate him.  He proves much cooler and more resistant than they expected.  In the end, they manage to broker a deal.  Sauger gives them the real men behind Rowena's abduction and the PCs swear to meet him later and consider doing him a favor.  With that he blends into the crowds of Fourwell.

Although no short journey, the party uses all the information at its disposal to track down the location of Rowena's imprisonment.  They see Osharp troops on the march to Ramsgate along the way, but refrain from confronting them.  Soon they arrive at the Frostforge mountains.  In the week or so ahead they climb ever onward, battling thin mountain ledges, gale-force winds, and massive storms.  They survive and, after chasing away a troupe of guards, locate an ancient sepulcher in the highest peak of the range. 

Once they enter they read the runic stories on the walls of the tomb and learn of an ancient pact made by the nonhuman races to resurrect their leaders and take vengence on the humans that pushed them to the very edges of survival.  Soon they make their way to the heart of the sepulcher and find Rowena locked in a chamber above the lone sarcophagus found in the burial chamber.  In their attempt to free her, some of her blood spills onto the coffin.  Soon the rescuers learn that this blood has awakened the elven Lord dead within the coffin.  Although they never saw him, he had left the tomb.  Soon after, the tomb began to collapse.  The heroes escape with Rowena just before cave in is complete.



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