All Hail the King: Elderun Awakens

Chapter I

An Affront to House Markal!

Our story begins on the last day of House Arroway's Harvest festival.  Lady Rowena Markal has left with her contingent a day early to attend to her ailing father, Arfic, who could not attend.  Caliborn, Morold, Connor, and Greyneth have been the darlings of the tournaments.  Caliborn won the archery contest, Morold won the poetry contest, and Greyneth finished second to Hackett Markal in the wrestling competition.  Rather than return with Rowena, they have all elected to remain for one last day so as to take part in the joust and melee tourney on the last day of the festival.


During the return journey the party encountered a shocking sight.  A small thorp lay in smouldering ruins.  Upon investigation the party of knights finds no survivors, but strange open sores on the bodies of the dead.  Wolves, though, make their presence known by attacking the party.  After dispatching the wolves, the men being to question their strange behavior.  The wolves were overly aggressive, and dogged in their determination to attack.  Something does not seem right.

On the second day of their travel a scout races back to the wary party to tell them that Rowena's contingent is in ruins ahead!  Caliborn, Morold, Greyneth and Connor race to the carriage, but there is no sign of Rowena.  One wounded footman claimed he heard her screams as she was taken East through the woods before he passed out.

Bounding into the woods in pursuit, the party overtakes a small troop of men wearing the Ossharp device.  The five run desperately to avoid capture.  The pursuit goes into the night, but the Markals don't stop, even taking the chase to a small river.

The party followed the river to the small fishing village of Creekside.  At the boathouse they find they are only hours behind their quarry, but that all of the boats moored have been scuttled.  With no further clues and being behind their adversaries, the group decides to look for clues and wait for reinforcements.  Sharp eyes help spot a hooded female figure in the woods watching atop a horse.  She bolts and when the party gives chase a group of men burst from the forest to block heir path.  Much to Greyneth's dismay, their horses bear Arroway tack.  The Ossharp men and hooded woman have escaped and the frustrated and bewildered Markals grow desperate as Rowena gets farther and farther away.



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